When Pixel Watch launches, Google’s first Wear OS watch

This year’s Google I / O could be a little more important than in the past. The scene is usually dedicated to the announcement of the new Android operating system and some more special AI functions, which, in general, are not released immediately, but are rather at the concept level. However, from time to time, hardware announcements also appear at the event, and this year we may see two new releases. In addition to the Pixel 6a, a model with fewer hardware trade-offs than we would have expected, the Pixel Watch could also debut at the spring event.

Google Pixel Watch could hit the market in a few months

Information about Pixel Watch appeared a year ago, with images revealing the design of the device, but also with the software interface from Google for the new Wear OS. Jon Prosser, who unveiled the watch from Google a year ago, now claims that it will be launched on May 26, just as the company is traditionally hosting the I / O event.

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This will most likely be the result of Google’s efforts to enter the wearables market under its own brand, after it recently bought the company for such devices, Fitbit.

However, in terms of hardware and design, the watch does not seem to innovate in one way or another. It will integrate a circular display, will benefit from a rotating crown on the side and will most likely benefit from the usual sensors for monitoring sports activities. At the moment, watches with the new Wear OS from Samsung use the One UI interface, so this could be the first watch model with this operating system that launches with a standard interface from Google.

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Given the recent rumors, Pixel Watch and Pixel 6a will not be the only hardware announcements from Google I / O. A foldable Google Notebook phone might also be in the plan, but the information around it is pretty vague. Earlier, plans for a foldable seemed to be canceled, and the latest details are already talking about a possible launch of a model with a lower price than the Fold from Samsung.

source: Engadget

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