Oxenfree game free from Netflix while Oxenfree 2: Lost Signal release delayed

“Oxenfree” can now be downloaded for free by Netflix subscribers. It’s the streaming giant’s first domestic game release.

More than six years after its computer debut and five years after arriving on iOS and Android, Netflix is making Oxenfree available for free to those who have a subscription to its streaming service. Starting today, you can download the new “Netflix Edition” of the game from the iOS and Android app stores. New to this version of Oxenfree is expanded localization support. In total, you can now play the game subtitled in over 30 languages.

Oxenfree, free on Netflix

Oxenfree joins Netflix’s growing catalog of games, but it’s particularly notable because it’s a domestic release. The company acquired developer Oxenfree Night School Studio last year.

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So Netflix is moving forward with its gaming ambitions. The company will launch Desta: The Memories Between, the latest project from Monument Valley developer Ustwo, on September 27. It’s also rumored that the critically acclaimed Kentucky Route Zero will “soon” be available for free.

However, the sequel has been delayed until 2023. Night School Studio says that they are postponing the release to “make Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals the best game possible”.

“We owe it to our amazing community to make Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals the best game possible,” the studio tweeted over the weekend.

“Seeing your fan art, reading your enthusiastic comments and connecting with you fuels our ambition to make this the best game yet,” Night School wrote on Twitter. “To make Oxenfree II truly special and add more locations, we’re moving our launch window to 2023.”

For reference, Night School Studio has earned a reputation for creating engaging, well-written adventures with a strong focus on narrative in the four games released since its founding in 2014.

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