Oana Sârbu, in the heart of the public even after 35 years since she was Ștefan Bănică Jr’s partner in Liceenii. Dana – the role that marked her career forever

She is the favorite “high school girl” of all Romanians and an actress with a perfect talent. Oana Sârbu was born on May 13, 1968, in Bucharest, and is the daughter of the pantomime actor Romulus Sârbu, one of the members of the famous comic-fantasy couple Anton and Romică from the “Constantin Tănase” theatre, who, unfortunately, is no longer with us.

Oana Sârbu is one of our most beloved artists and enjoys a successful career in music and film. In 1985 she won the “Star without a Name” trophy and in 1986 the “Youth Award” at the “Mamaia ’86” Festival. She began her acting career with her role in the famous film “The High Schoolers”. She created a real fashion: for years, high school girls cut their hair like the character she played in this film, Dana.

Oana Sârbu made a TV show lasting more than three hours on TVRM, as well as the show “Mr/Mrs at 5 o’clock” on Romantica, with Cătălin Crișan. She has also toured in the United States, Germany and Israel, and is currently playing at the “Constantin Tănase” theatre.

Oana Sârbu with her father, the late actor Romulus Sârbu

Oana Sârbu inspired generations

Oana Sârbu, besides being a talented actress, is also a talent in the field of Romanian light music. The artist has released exceptional musical albums in collaboration with Robert Turcescu, Ștefan Bănică Jr., his colleague from “Liceenii”, Marcel Pavel, Luminița Anghel, Narcisa Suciu. Oana Sârbu has released a lot of albums, including “Te iubeam”, “Lumea basmelor”, “Te așteptăm să vii, Moș Crăciun!”, “Un altfel de portret”.

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As for her personal life, the actress was married once. In 1989, when she was 21 years old, she decided to marry Virgil Popescu, a man 13 years her senior. Perhaps less well known about Oana Sârbu is that she gave birth to a son in 2009, when she was 41. At the time, the singer was in a relationship with Robert Turcescu.

Oana Sârbu with Ștefan Bănică Jr. in the film Liceenii

Oana Sârbu adored her grandparents, with Ștefan Bănică Jr, her film partner, she has maintained a close relationship, even collaborating often, and her only son is all she holds dear. The actress also told Impact.ro about love, being an incurable romantic.

“Love has made me the most beautiful woman in the world, for every moment I’ve met her. And some time ago, I realized that there are not only soulmates, but even twins. Love makes me creative, it makes me talk to myself on the street, it makes me smile, it makes my heart beat, it makes me hot and cold, just like in “The Flyer”, Oana Sârbu said for Impact.ro. in an interview in 2021.

The actress adores her son, whom she says is a child with good intentions:”He likes online school, he’s very adaptable. He’s a very well-meaning child. It’s hard to tell at the moment, but I think he’s going for the humanistic side.”the artist said of his son in the same interview.

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Oana Sârbu admits that she misses her childhood and still sings the song “Ani de liceu” in her performances.

“Yes, I don’t escape. Now I sing it in the Bossanova version, I don’t know what else to do. All last summer I played it at the “H Brewery”, with people gathered in front of the stage. I miss my childhood and, you know, after fifty years, we go through time very quickly. I was ok, I wasn’t a brilliant student in high school, besides I was working even then, I think I was good at humanities, literature, grammar, music, philosophy, English, sports. Naturally, I still keep the letters, just the other day I posted some pictures on Facebook. There are hundreds of them and they represent the fondest memories of that time. I found a large part of the children of that time, the adults of today, on Facebook, in various corners of the world. The fact that so many teenagers wrote a letter by hand, sometimes made collages with dried flower petals, pictures from magazines, little markers, and went to the post office to put them in an envelope with a stamp and send them to their home address, high school, TVR, theatre, means a lot!”, said Oana, for Impact.ro.

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