The Witcher: When Netflix begins season three production

“We certainly won’t go down in season 3 of The Witcher.”

It’s the nature of the beast, isn’t it? Although fans have just watched season two of The Witcher on Netflix, they are already counting down to the day when they will be able to watch more. In December, I heard that the scripts for season 3 were “almost finished”, so, of course, it won’t be long before production starts again.

Redanian Intelligence noticed the first signs of production for the next series, while the team is looking for locations. Team members such as producer Steve Gaub have shared images on Instagram with sites that can be used next season. It is no surprise that these are heavily forested areas and lush trees, but it is still intriguing to wonder what events are planned for these places.

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Little clues

Gaub also showed only a hint of decoration on his Instagram. The post features large cranes and fasteners conveying the idea that the team “will not slow down in season 3 of The Witcher.” The manufacturer also has only a few doors and props that look old and Gothic enough. Oh, and we can’t forget the dark, damp dungeons, can we?

Lauren Hissrich also showed the first day of production of the series on Instagram. She is the showrunner, so she obviously has a big hand in the final decisions. Her picture shows several forests and I can say that they are amazing even if they are not used for the show.

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It won’t be long before filming begins. The filming process for season two was much longer than expected, due to Covid-19 restrictions, Henry Cavill’s infections and foot injuries.

I hope that season three will be much easier to accomplish and that our Geralt will stay out of danger. Or at least she takes care of him when she’s not fighting all the ridiculous monsters in the Witcher books.

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