Now you can drink through a hot dog –

A while back, a man went viral because he was filmed drinking a drink during a sports game through an actual hot dog. Needless to say, the moment was both a mix of creativity at its best and also nightmare fuel, but now food giant in the U.S., Oscar Mayer, has tried to capitalize on this very viral moment.

Because Oscar Mayer has now launched the official hot dog straw , which is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s a silicone mold that allows you to drink drinks through what at first glance looks like a real edible hot dog.

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“While the viral ‘Hot Dog Straw‘ divided the Internet, we salute the brave man who paved the way to enjoy his hot dog the way he wants,” said Kelsey Rice, Associate Director, Oscar Mayer. “Inspired by a classic Oscar Mayer dog, the silicone Hot Dog Straw is designed for optimal sipping, and we hope it brings a gentle reminder that we don’t have to take enjoying a delicious hot dog seriously. Some things are just meant to be fun.”

It seems that anyone wanting to get their hands on one of these straws will unfortunately have to wait, as the straws sold out shortly after launch. Still, check out the product here.

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Now you can drink through a hot dog

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