Movies just right to give you a good Halloween scare on HBO Max

With Halloween not long away, HBO Max is getting ready for the holiday, too. So the streaming network has put together a series of movies perfect for making you shiver in your own armchair.

If the other day we told you about the best movies you can see this Halloween on Netflix and then Disney+, today it’s time to talk about the scariest movies on HBO Max.

What you can watch this season on HBO Max: the movies you shouldn’t watch with the lights off

And HBO Max has an impressive collection of movies perfect for this time of year when, according to legend, spirits, ghosts and other non-human creatures are out and about, among people.

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Whether you didn’t see it in its time or want to revisit it, find out that Annabelle is on the list of horror movies you can see on HBO Max.

Also here, you can see The Witch, starring Anya Taylor-Joy (an actress you already know from Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit, yikes!), and the 1986 classic, The Fly (starring none other than the iconic Jeff Goldblum).

Malignant comes from the director of The Conjuring and tells the story of a girl who has visions of people being killed. The film can be seen on HBO Max, too.

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If you like classic horror, the network also covers this niche with Carnival of Soulsfrom 1962.

Returning to the present, Halloween Kills continues, to some extent, the story of Michael Myers. David Gordon Green attempts to carry on John Carpenter’s legacy, but it’s up to the viewer whether he succeeds.

Japan is represented by the thriller House, about seven schoolgirls who become trapped in a country house and make a very strange decision as a result.

If you haven’t seen Old, from M. Night Shyamalan, it’s time to fix it. The film is so good that by the end you’ll wonder why it took you so long to decide to watch it. Obviously, you can see it on HBO Max.

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