The only two conditions that the Spaniard has set to pay almost 200,000 euros and bring Oliver to Spain

Oliver, the two-and-a-half year old boy who has a brain tumor, arrived in Barcelona this Wednesday at midday in a medicalized plane from Cancun (Mexico) to be operated by a medical team from Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, in Esplugues de Llobregat.

The flight, which has been postponed several times, costs. nearly 200,000 euros. A huge amount of money paid by one person, a Spanish businessman whom not even the little boy’s father, Alejandro Romero, from Malaga, knows personally.

Spanish patron

Little else is known about this generous patron. The little that has transcended is that he has a son or daughter of a similar age to Oliver’s, which is what has made him so moved by the news that he decided to contact the family and in just a few hours to pay them the money necessary for the medicalized airplane. He is also known to be Spanish and to live or spend long periods of time in Mexico.

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And that he has only put two conditions for paymentto remain totally “anonymous”. and the invoice of the charge, which you need for the tax office.

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