Meghan Markle will have a new podcast on Spotify: what topics the Duchess of Sussex will cover

Meghan Markle does not seem to want to waste time, so she plans a new podcast that will be available on Spotify soon.

Although, at least initially, Meghan Markle was totally disappointed with Spotify, following the scandal that the streaming network went through, in the context of “free speech” on Covid-19, the Duchess changed her mind and will eventually collaborate , with these.

Specifically, it is about a podcast to be released on Spotify, in which Meghan Markle will deal with extremely current topics, according to the announcement.

Meghan Markle, presenter of a podcast that will address stereotyping

From the published teaser, we conclude that in her new podcast, Meghan Markle will have “almost uncensored” discussions with historians and other experts, as they explore the origins of stereotypes and define women’s lives in general. Obviously, we are talking about a show that could become a real success among women, and not only.

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Spotify had previously announced that Archewell Audio, the production company founded by Markle and Prince Harry, will release its first full-length podcast series this summer. However, so far, the couple has released only one special episode, with a holiday theme.

The recent announcement puts an end to a tense chapter for Spotify. The streaming service struck a deal with Harry and Meghan in December 2020, but the two quickly became concerned about Spotify’s apparent tolerance of Covid-19 misinformation.

The couple said they had warned the network since April 2021 about their grievances. The conflict escalated when Neil Young, as well as other music creators, withdrew in protest of Spotify after the giant allowed Joe Rogan to make false medical statements on his show.

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Harry and Meghan changed their minds after meeting with Spotify representatives, however.

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