Madrid reactivates Zendal due to emergency room saturation with flu and other viruses

The Community of Madrid reactivated this Friday the service of the Nurse Isabel Zendal emergency hospital. before the care peaks caused by the Influenza virus circulation and other respiratory diseases, such as covid-19. The emergency departments of different hospitals in Madrid and other cities such as Barcelona have been saturated for days.

According to a press release from the Regional Ministry of Health, beds will be made available in pavilion 1 of the Zendal according to the needs, which may be progressively increased, and the coordination of transfers will be carried out with Summa 112.

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The department headed by Enrique Ruiz Escudero points out that the Enfermera Isabel Zendal hospital currently has. 187 professionals in different categories, who are dedicated to vaccination and to the center’s functional rehabilitation unit.

The demand for care due to influenza and respiratory diseases are collapsing hospital emergency rooms in the region; according to the Association in Defense of Public Health (ADSP) of Madrid, some 300 patients were on Wednesday in the corridors and wards surrounding the emergency rooms of the various hospitals waiting for a bed to be admitted.

However, the Health Counselor affirmed this Thursday that. the health care situation in Madrid “is typical” of the winter season due to respiratory infections, and which increases in the days following holidays and weekends.

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Because of the peak in attendance, CCOO has demanded to the Regional Ministry of Health in recent weeks. “to hire personnel for to activate the assistance activity at the Isabel Zendal Hospital”.

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