Moldova to reduce use of Russian gas in response to energy crisis

Moldovan authorities have announced Tuesday that they will seek to reduce their dependence on Russian gas in anticipation of the reduction of supply by Russian gas company Gazprom.

Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu acknowledged that the Moldovan population must “learn to save,” but said he was confident that the country is capable of saving “15 percent of its gas consumption,” according to DPA.

“We believe that Moldova can save 15 percent of its gas consumption, just like the countries of the European Union,” Spinu stressed, who also advanced that Chísinau is preparing for possible energy scenarios, including total supply cut-off.

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“The whole of Europe is going through difficulties. Yes, a hard winter awaits us, but we are realistic and cautious (…) Overcoming the winter that awaits us means, first of all, strengthening trust between the population and the government,” Spinu added, according to the Moldpres news agency.

Thus, the deputy prime minister, and also minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, has advanced that the Executive will launch an Energy Vulnerability Reduction Fund, whose objective will be to prevent and address the energy vulnerability of the population.

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