KRAFTON announces competitive details

KRAFTONthe developer of the battle royale videogame PUBG: Battlegrounds, has announced new details about the PUBG’s competitive ecosystem in the EMEA region.

With the introduction of the PUBG EMEA Championship (PEC), the new flagship tournament for the region, will feature a series of changes to the PUBG ecosystem. Among them are the modifications to the tournament format. and the new regional partner teams which will automatically qualify for the PEC. The EMEA teams will compete for a share of the prize money, which amounts to $100.000.

The competitive season will be divided into. two splits, spring and fall, the first will be that of Springwhich will end at the end of March 2023. Over the course of the season, teams will accumulate PGC points, y six of EMEA’s best teams will have access to the PUBG Global Championship each year. There will also be “wild card” tournaments. and the best teams will be able to qualify for some of the events of the PEC.

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The developers of the title have also announced five regional partner teams for this year. These will join three other existing PUBG partners such as FaZe Clan, NACI and Twisted Minds.for a total of eight organizations. These five teams are ACEND CLUB, BBL Esports, Digital Athletics, Entropiq and FUT Esports. For this season, these eight teams will be joined by. 14 othersmore two wildcard teams, bringing the total number of teams to 24.

According to KRAFTONall interested players and teams from EMEA are welcome to participate in the open qualifiersthe first round will begin on March 1 to March 5. The knockout stage will last until March 12and the PEC Grand Finals will be played from March 24-26.

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