Junele-first who has been adored for a lifetime. Iurie Darie starred in dozens of films, and at the end of his life he wanted to appear in an adult film

Iurie Darie is, without a doubt, one of the most beloved Romanian actors. Handsome, charismatic, gentle and extremely talented, the artist has managed for decades to captivate his fans in a unique way.

And just when no one expected Iurie Darie to surprise anyone with anything else, the actor made an erotic pictorial with his wife, Anca Pandrea, claiming that he wouldn’t refuse to act in an adult film and that people should live their lives regardless of their age.

Iurie Darie, in his youth – archive photo

The first Junele of Romanian cinema: courted by girls, appreciated by men and adored by children to whom he drew beautifully

Iurie Darie Maximciuc was born on March 14, 1929, in the same year that the first Miss contest was organized in our country. He saw the light of day in Basarabia, in the village of Vadul-Roscov, Soroca county, and was to become one of the greatest Romanian actors.

His father died of tuberculosis when Iurie Darie was five years old. His mother, Daria, remarried, but was widowed again after her second husband died on the front lines of the Second World War, in unexplained circumstances.

In 1948, the young Iurie moved to the Romanian capital, where he studied at the Conservatory.

He was an extra in the Opera, in his first years of activity, and later he got minor roles in the theatres of Bucharest.

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The establishment of Buftea Studios was his chance, as Iurie Darie quickly became the young star of Romanian films, with women all over the country adoring him without limits. When he went out on the street, young ladies would gather around him in a flash.

He was cast by Jean Georgescu, Gheorghe Vitanidis and Ion Popescu-Gopo, and his children’s entertainment shows on Romanian Television turned him into an idol even for the little ones, to whom he drew beautifully at matinees.

In 1960, the actor had the good fortune to be noticed by Radu Beligan and was hired by him at the Comedy Theatre, where he distinguished himself in plays such as “Bughezul gentilom”, “Trolius and Cresida”, “Umbra”, “Don Juan”, “Amfitrionul”, often playing alongside Gheorghe Dinică, Marin Moraru, Mircea Albulescu, Dem Rădulescu-Bibanu, Sanda Toma, Vasilica Tastaman, Stela Popescu or Silviu Stănculescu.

As for his work in cinema, Iurie Darie played in more than 50 films, including “Nepoții gornistului”, “Directorul nostru”, “Alo? You’ve got the wrong number”, “A bomb has been stolen”, “Holiday by the sea”, “Love at zero degrees”, “The mischievous teenager”, “Miscellaneous Brigade goes into action”, “Miscellaneous Brigade on the alert”, “B.D.. la munte si la mare”, “Atunci i-am condamnat pe todos à morte”, “Ciprian Porumbescu”, “Drumul oselor”, “Am fost șaisprezece”, “Lumini și ombre”, “Ringul”, “Rămășagul”, “Cucoana Chirița” or “François Villon – Poetul vagabond”.

Iurie Darie with his wife Anca Pandrea

Iurie Darie and Anca Pandrea, a love story like in XXX movies. Courage came in old age

The great actor’s private life ceased to be private in his later years. Together with his second wife, Anca Pandrea, he managed to shock public opinion, as we will relate below.

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Let’s go back in time to the great actor’s first wife, Consuela Rosu. The two had a child, named Alexandru Darie, who, during his lifetime, was to become director of the Lucia Sturdza Bulandra Theatre in the capital.

Consuela would unfortunately die prematurely, leaving Darie a widower.

Later, the artist met and married Anca Pandrea. Although the year in which the two officially linked their destinies is not known, we do know that they remained together until the last moment of the actor’s life.

“One day, I invited Iura to my place for coffee. The gate was broken and I said to him: if I could get in through the window, so can you. And Iura came in through the window, jumped all over me and we made love, and we have been together ever since”, Anca Pandrea recounted years later about her first meeting with her future husband.

“Iura is my soul and my life! We love each other more than the first night we made love. We have the guts to act in porn, we’re good at it,” she continued, much to the shock of the public at the time.

Clearly, Anca Pandrea wasn’t exaggerating in the least. In the early 2000s, the two were photographed nude in erotic poses for Jurnalul National.

“I took the pictures to teach people to be open. If I was 25 I wouldn’t have done it, the shock is at that age. I wanted to shock everyone!” said Anca Pandrea.

Many condemned them for such an out-of-the-ordinary act, others praised their nonchalance, but no one could ignore the last gesture of courage of the two actors.

It wasn’t long before Iurie Darie passed away in 2012 after a stroke. He was 83 years old.

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