People grill this soccer commentator about his ‘mini-retirements’ –

Gary Neville is an incredibly well-known former soccer player and current soccer commentator in the United Kingdom, but beyond that it seems he has also joined the trend of being a successful man who believes he is just built differently than the rest of the world’s population.

In a recent podcast clip, Neville shows how deranged he has become when he describes his “mini-retirements” to his co-host. In short, his “mini-retirements” are breaks that Neville will sustain for three to five days at a time when he tries not to think about work. Sound familiar? Yes, it’s just a vacation, described as if it were a revolution.

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Even his co-host points out to him that this sounds like a vacation, but Neville doesn’t retreat, but instead says that people like him don’t go away for 6 months at a time because they can’t stop thinking about work (most people can’t go away for 6 months at a time, Gary, because most people won’t have money if they do).

Not surprisingly, Neville’s “mini-retirement” monologue has earned him quite a bit of backlash on Twitter, with many ridiculing the soccer commentator. Check out some of the best roasts and the original clip below:

People grill this soccer commentator over his 'mini-retirements'

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