How to load a Dacia Spring in front of the block: how long it takes, what to pay attention to

Given the sales recorded by Dacia Spring, it seems to be the most popular electric car on the streets in Romania. In the absence of an extensive charging infrastructure, however, many Romanians end up loading their Dacia in front of the block, at the outlet.

There are not many charging stations for electric cars, not even in big cities like Cluj or Bucharest, or, more correctly, not enough. They are busy almost every time and for this reason, people end up charging their electric cars slowly or very slowly in front of the block. As a reference, even the Dacia Spring can be charged in 30-40 minutes at a fast charging station, but when taken from home, the time easily increases to 10-15 hours.

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How long does it take to load a Dacia Spring at home

In the clip below, a man from Cluj explained how he charges his new electric car in the block, with the consent of the neighbors, using a 20-meter extension cord and the cable provided by Dacia. Charging time varies quite a bit depending on where the battery is when you plug it in.

For example, 35% to 100% arrive in about 10 hours. Unfortunately, if it later reaches the outlet and the battery is at 2%, the charging time of up to 100% jumps to 15 hours. As a nice detail, the owner of Dacia Spring is not necessarily bothered by the 10-15 hours, but by the fact that the car he has in his possession for about six months came without a light bulb in the trunk, a lighting system to see what happens to the luggage in the evening. Fortunately for him, he improvised a light bulb to remedy the source of the upset.

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Also from personal experience, the man from Cluj insisted that, although at a fast charging station the initial speed is 30 kW, the value decreases to about 20 kW after a while.

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