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House of the Gundead brings the lightning-fast action, beautiful pixel art, unpredictable levels and adorable deadly characters of the lightning-fast dungeon crawler Enter the Gungeon to the arcades! Yes, that’s right: Devolver is making a real arcade game.

Enter the Gungeon creator Dodge Roll has teamed up with arcade masters Griffin Aerotech to design this fully featured arcade cabinet, which features a bright 43-inch UHD screen, a pair of lightguns for firefights for solo or two players, and vibrant top-to-bottom artwork printed at the highest quality. Seriously, you have to see this thing. It looks incredible.

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Explore and explode your way through an ever-evolving series of procedurally generated floors protected by the dangerously endearing Cult of the Gundead. Discover uniquely fantastic weapons, wild power-ups and hidden secrets as you shoot down the evil hordes.

Thanks to House of the Gundead’s advanced Sinden Lightguns, which feature bone-shaking, weapon-based haptic feedback – not to mention a powerful 2.1 sound system with a dedicated subwoofer inside – you’ll feel every shot as you pull the trigger.

This classic lightgun shooter is now ready to ship, perfect for public arcades, bars or home collectors, and can be set to play for free or pay to play.

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