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This weekend the most fun event around Asian pop culture will take place in Evenementenhal Gorinchem. We put the complete program in a nutshell for you, so you can prepare yourself and get the most out of your visit. From cosplay to food and from gaming to special guests, there is something unique for everyone!

Meet your heroes

There are a lot of special guests you can meet during the event. For example, the voice actors Cristina Vee Valenzuela (Genshin Impact, Sailor Moon, Pokémon) and Scott Burns (Bowser) speaking on the Main Stage, they will hand out autographs and fans can participate in a unique Meet & Greet session. In addition, several comic and manga artists will be guests, including Meritxell Garcia (Gecko Chan) and Xulia Vicente (Duerme Pueblo). Meet famous artists from around the world, get your favorite artwork signed or request a commission.

Other special guests that will also be well worth seeing are the many cosplayers present in the Cosplay Village. Among them is popular Har_Fie, who will be there to greet fans with a big friendly smile. Also, Sakuraflor will again be on hand to present various components surrounding cosplay.

A market full of awesome merchandise and the tastiest food

Anyone who just wants to wander around the event can feast their eyes. For example, consider the Asian Market, where you can discover a huge range of merchandise focused on Asian pop culture. Here fans are guaranteed to find great additions to their collection. Wandering around automatically makes you hungry for something tasty, and the Food Market has thought of that too. Here you will find the most delicious Asian dishes, such as Indonesian street food, Japanese crepes, taiyaki and even the popular drink bubble tea.

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For those who are or want to be a hero in the kitchen themselves, there are also workshops to learn how to make some Asian delicacies yourself. Here you will learn how to make Matcha chocolate, for example, as well as how to prepare the best sushi. Those who want to venture into a notorious dish to prepare can attend a workshop to make omurice; a Japanese omelet made with three whole eggs and served rolled up on rice. Here, the big challenge is to make sure it rolls itself out when you cut it open, with the inside of the egg still liquid.

There is an awful lot going on around gaming and cosplay

That gaming and cosplay are important parts of Asian pop culture is no news. So during this edition of Made in Asia, too, there will be plenty of attention paid to them. Gamers can challenge themselves during the Dragon Ball Fighterz and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments. Rather just enjoy a nice game of golf? Then the Free to Play area is for you! Here you can play all kinds of fun games with friends, such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Tekken and Pokémon Unite.

Cosplayers can once again participate in the Cosplay Contest on the Main Stage during this edition. Here you will show off your best outfit and put yourself in the shoes of your favorite character, to hopefully take home a nice cash prize as the big winner. Cosplayers who prefer to show their outfits in a more accessible way can choose to participate in the Cosplay Catwalk. Here you will not compete for prizes, but only get to show your minute of fame In front of a frenzied audience, no strings attached!

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The cosplay component will be further expanded during this edition of Heroes Made in Asia with the Cosplay Village. Here fans can meet their favorite cosplayers and ask them any question they can think of. Some well-known cosplayers who will be here are Littytittycosplay, Sammyscosplay and Dobicos.

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