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Electronic Arts’ next installment in the UFC series, EA Sports UFC 5, comes out next week, but details keep coming in. The development team discussed new gameplay mechanics such as Seamless Submissions, the Real Impact System and presentation. In its latest in-depth dive, it talks about all the new modes. Check it out below.

One of the new features, Fight Week Contracts, sees players fight AI opponents to complete weekly challenges. You earn in-game currency for winning, but later fights during the week become more difficult. Complete the challenges and you get some nice cosmetics.

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Another cool new feature is making predictions on real PPVs, and if you get the results right, free UFC Coins will come your way. As for Career Mode, it sees the return of Coach Davis, new locations and cinematics and numerous quality of life improvements. You can now simulate training camp and earn Challenge Packs from sparring sessions based on completed challenges.

The AI has also been improved and Legendary Career Mode is simulation only, meaning no HUD, increased damage and more stamina drain, making for a tougher experience. If simple combat is your thing, select Fight Now and choose from several combat types, including Kumite and backyard battles.

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EA Sports UFC 5 will launch on Oct. 27 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Stay tuned for more details

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