From The Mandalorian and F is for Family, to Old Dads: actor Bill Burr makes his directorial debut

Actor and comedian Bill Burr takes a step forward and directs his first comedy film, “Old Dads.”

If you’ve heard of him before, but you don’t know exactly “where to get it from,” it may be worth mentioning that Burr has successfully played a number of roles over time. best known movies and series.

For example, this is an integral part of the animated series “F is for Family”, which can be seen on Netflix (all five seasons). Bill Burr also played in Breaking Bad at the time. Recently, it can be seen in the Star Wars franchise adaptation, “The Mandalorian”, on Disney +.

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Although, from an acting point of view, he has distinguished himself in enough films and series, the truth is that he had never tried directing before.

Bill Burr will direct “Old Dads”

Bill Burr will direct a new comedy series called “Old Dads”. It will also play an important role in the new production, but will also handle the script. So, we can say with confidence that the new film series could be the creation of the famous actor.

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“Old Dads” will tell the story of a father in his “second youth”, but also of his two friends. Together, the three men realize that they cannot adapt to the current world, dominated by millennials, but also by their lifestyle, which contradicts, to some extent, that of the main characters. Of course, we are talking about a narrative that will emphasize, with a touch of comedy, the three of them trying to get in line with “today’s youth”.

It remains to be seen to what extent “Old Dads” will be able to capture the public’s attention.

Since the film is still in its infancy, a possible release date is not yet known.

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