Ana Carrasco leaves Kawasaki and returns to the Moto3 World Championship

“My ambition is to set myself new goals that others see as impossible and achieve them”

MADRID, Jan. 31 (Royals Blue) –

The Spanish rider Ana Carrasco, champion of the 2018 WSSP300 Championship, has said goodbye to the World Superbike Championship (WorldSBK) with Kawasaki to compete in the Moto3 World Championship, as confirmed by the team this Monday in a statement.

“After five glorious years with Kawasaki, during which she won the Championship, Ana Carrasco is moving from the WorldSBK environment to the MotoGP paddock to contest the Moto3 Championship,” Kawasaki announced.

The 2018 WSSP300 champion became the first FIM sanctioned woman to win a racing championship. The Murcian achieved victory in seven races with Kawasaki getting on the podium 12 times.

“Racing is difficult, not only on the track where people watch, but also at times like this when you have to make tough decisions. My ambition is always to grow as a driver, set myself new goals that others see as impossible and achieve them,” he explained. Anna Carrasco.

The Murcian justifies her decision for her “ambition” and to “test herself over and over again”. “When my parents bought me my first minibike and then I started racing, of course, my dream was like that of any rider: ‘One day I want to be world champion’. I achieved this in 2018 and that feeling is still magical, but Anyone who understands racing will know that every racer needs to be ambitious,” he added.

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“This opportunity to race in Moto3 is a logical step in my mind, although the emotional step is hard. I would like to thank everyone at Kawasaki who really made me feel part of a family, of course my pit crews and team staff. throughout these years that gave me the best bike to compete, in addition to Provec that created a professional environment that was simply incredible”, he thanked.

For his part, the KRT WorldSBK Team Manager and co-owner of Provec, Guim Roda, was “sad” by the departure of Ana Carrasco, although he recognized that it is a great opportunity for the rider. “Ana’s move to Moto3 is a fitting end to a journey we started together in 2018. We are very proud to be a part of her story, and a Kawasaki Ninja will always be recognized as the first bike to take a woman to a MotoGP Championship. FIM motorcycling,” he said.

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“In 2018 he won the Championship, which was a magical year, but I think 2019 and 2020 were when he drove the best. In 2019 he fought every race losing second place in the Championship on the last lap of the last race. to fight for the title before her big accident in Estoril, but Ana fought to recover as only she can. During all this time, David Salom was by her side as team manager, guiding and advising her, and she deserves special praise.” , he recounted.

Thus, from Kawasaki they wished him “the best” for the future in Moto3, which opens the door to “new challenges and motivations”. “We hope that she can continue to make history by empowering women and showing that they deserve the same opportunities in life as men.”

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