Fine of over 1000 lei for all drivers who do not care about this aspect of the car: you must have neglected it

The Romanian Road Code continues to be a chimera for many Romanian drivers, although the fines are very serious and, unfortunately, change quite often. Below, I will detail a new sanction that is almost impossible to know already.

Starting with February 27, in a few weeks, a series of amendments to the Romanian Traffic Code will enter into force. These include a provision for car windows on public roads. They must be kept as clean as possible. Otherwise, you risk sanctions.

Dirty car windows, a pretext for a fine

If cleaning the car is not a major priority for you, you will pay fines of up to 1200 lei, if your negligence extends to the windshield. Basically, if the visibility from the steering wheel is affected by the dirt on the car windows, you risk being sanctioned, in case a traffic officer sees you. The new fine can be applied from February 27.

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The new provision is passed in Government Ordinance 1/2022. It stipulates that, from the end of this month, traffic police officers will be able to sanction “non-compliance with the obligation to keep the windshield, rear window and side windows of the vehicle, agricultural or forestry tractor permanently clean, if this restricts or blurs visibility while driving.” . Consequently, those who will go with dirty windows after that date will risk fines in the third class of sanctions (from six to eight penalty points), respectively between 870 and 1,160 lei, draws the attention of .

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It would have been ideal for the same normative act to clearly detail what dirty windows mean, but we can go from the premise that it refers to windows covered with mud, thick dust, snow or any other substances that negatively affect the driver’s visibility on traffic conditions. .

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