The first 100% Romanian electric car, officially launched. Dacia Spring has no chance

When it comes to electric cars, Romanians can only boast of Dacia Spring, a car produced 100% in China. From now on, however, there is a significantly more attractive alternative and one that was conceived, developed and produced in Mioritic lands, Momentum from CryptoDATA Tech.

During a conference held this weekend, CryptoDATA Tech unveiled the first Romanian electric car. In fact, it is a supercar concept that tries to flirt with giants like Tesla, Ferrari, Lamborghini or Aston Martin.

“In the last four years, we have developed a fully functional electric vehicle that meets the requirements of the 21st century. We present, introduce and test the technology we develop here to be integrated into an electric vehicle or for the automotive industry,” said Ovidiu Toma , CEO of CryptoDATA, during the press conference.

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CryptoDATA Momentum, the first Romanian electric car

Although it is likely to hit the streets in the next three years, CryptoDATA Momentum has been developed with other streams of thoughts behind it. This is a modular car, developed from the beginning on components. Each “piece” can be integrated into a number of other vehicles intended for public or private transport. Even many electrical devices can benefit from this motorized creation.

“The car’s on-board computer turns the car into a real smart device. You can synchronize the car to another device connected to the internet to communicate with a smart device “, said Ovidiu Toma. According to data obtained by G4Media, the car’s range is between 350 and 400 kilometers, depending on the driving regime. If you are curious about the price, it was not even offered as an estimate.

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“We are talking about a lot of variables, we are basically talking about a super car. In general, we are talking about a range between 80,000 euros and 150,000 euros, so the margin can be about as big depending on the quantities, who is the industrialist who goes into the industrialization phase, the distribution markets and so on “, he declared the head of the company.

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