Dungeons & Dragons outlines new books and adventures in 2024 -.

2024 marks the 50th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons, the tabletop role-playing game that remains the most popular of its kind to this day. To celebrate this anniversary, Wizards of the Coast is releasing two new books in its new(ish) ruleset, and some adventures for players to experience.

The new ruleset, once known as OneD & D, is essentially an updated version of the 5th edition, which made Dungeons & Dragons as popular as it is today. The Player’s Handbook for the new rules will be released on Sept. 17, followed by the Dungeon Master’s Guide on Nov. 12 and finally the Monster Manual on Feb. 18, 2025.

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Wizards of the Coast also has plenty of adventure options. Two new adventure books are coming out this year. Vecna: Eve of Ruin is an apocalyptic adventure meant for players running from level 10 to 20, while Quests from the Infinite Staircase is more of a collection of stories, giving players adventures from 1st to 13th level. Both will put a multiversal spin on their stories.

Finally, there is The Making of Original Dungeons & Dragons, which shows the beginning of the game, including some unseen concepts written by Gary Gygax in 1973.
See all the ways D&D becomes 50 here.

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Dungeons & Dragons outlines new books and adventures in 2024

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