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You can currently get the third generation Echo Show 5 at a significantly reduced price. Enhanced with a visual display, this device offers, in addition to the familiar audio functions, the ability to capture information visually, giving you the feeling of living in the future.

Originally offered for 109.99 euros, the price is now 45 percent off dropped to €59.99.

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A home of the future

The Echo Show 5 allows you to use voice commands for a variety of functions using Alexa. For example, you can set alarm clocks and timers, look up appointments in the calendar or have the latest news displayed and read out loud.

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Equipped with a 2MP camera, the device supports video calls and allows you to send announcements to other networked devices in your smart home. The screen also serves as a platform for streaming services such as YouTube or Netflix, allowing you to easily access a wide selection of films and series.

When it comes to privacy, you can turn off the Echo Show 5's microphone and place a physical cover on the camera to ensure that no unwanted recordings are made.

The third generation has been improved in numerous ways. The audio quality has been noticeably improved, so you can now benefit from clearer voices and deeper bass. An additional integrated microphone improves Alexa's responsiveness to voice commands. A significant upgrade is the new, faster Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge processor, which ensures more efficient processing of requests.

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What you need to know about smart homes

For anyone who wants to transform their home into a smart home, the accompanying buying guide offers valuable information and recommendations on devices that can automate and simplify your everyday life.

In addition, you can use the deal ticker to keep up to date with the latest technology and gaming offers so that you can take advantage of current bargains and save!

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