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Get ready for the ultimate kart racing experience with “DreamWorks All-Star Kart Racing,” a game where humor and speed go hand in hand. This hilarious kart racer brings your favorite DreamWorks characters together for an adventure full of speed and spectacle.

Meet Your Favorite DreamWorks Heroes

Step into the world of DreamWorks, where characters such as Shrek, Po, Tigress, Puss in Boots, Hiccup, Astrid and Boss Baby are ready to run the race of their lives. Each character brings their own unique style and humor, making for an unforgettable racing experience.

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Race through Iconic DreamWorks Locations.

Explore breathtaking tracks inspired by the DreamWorks world. Race through Shrek’s Swamp, tear along the streets of New York City Zoo from Madagascar, and feel the excitement on the Isle of Berk. Each track has been carefully designed to recreate the atmosphere and magic of the movies.

Different Game Modes

“DreamWorks All-Star Kart Racing” offers various game modes for every type of gamer. Compete solo against advanced bots, challenge players from around the world in online mode, or enjoy cozy multiplayer races at home on the couch with up to four players.

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A Party for All Ages

This game is perfect for players of all ages, with easy controls for beginners and enough depth for experienced racers. The colorful graphic style and comical elements make it a feast for the whole family.

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