Discounted surveillance cameras and wireless alarms on offer at Dedeman

Those who were planning to secure their home by installing surveillance cameras or an alarm are in luck, as this month’s Dedeman offer includes some accessories specifically designed for such situations. We’re dealing with a discounted HD surveillance camera system, an alarm system that can be installed at all points of entry to the house, as well as a wireless doorbell whose speaker can be installed in any of the rooms to be more easily heard.

Four camera security system

The most interesting of these products is the PNI-IPMAX3 Surveillance Kit. It includes an NVR (recording unit) and four water and dust resistant 3 megapixel (2304 x 1296) video cameras. So the actual resolution of the images captured is even higher than Full HD (1920 x 1080) for high detail. Each camera offers 4 IR LEDs for night shooting mode, as well as a bright white LED for illumination over a distance of 15 metres.

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The recording unit supports H256 video compression and HDDs of up to 8 TB of storage can be installed inside. Cameras connect to the unit via network cables and receive power via POE (Power over Ethernet). In total, this unit supports up to 9 cameras via a POE switch connection.

For monitoring, you can use a monitor with a VGA or HDMI jack, and the system can be controlled remotely via smartphone with the XMEye app, available on iOS and Android. The surveillance system is on sale for 1,099 lei.

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Wireless alarm with multiple sensors

PNI also produces the wireless alarm system. The system supports up to 24 sensors and 8 different remote controls and integrates a built-in siren. The alarm connects to the Wi-Fi system and sends alters via the app whenever it detects motion. The motion sensors have an 80-meter range for connecting to the central unit in an open space, and detect motion from 8 meters.

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The software also allows you to set the schedule for activating alerts so they don’t go off during the day, for example, when there might be more than one person at home. This system costs just 199 lei and includes all the accessories needed to lay the foundation for a home security system.

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Wireless doorbell

Finally, we are dealing with a wireless doorbell. You install the knob on the door and insert the doorbell into a socket in one of the rooms. The doorbell works in the open at 200 metres and includes 36 tunes. It’s a good solution both for those who live at home and want to install a doorbell without pulling wires and for those who live in an apartment and don’t usually hear the doorbell. For 68 lei, this could be an affordable “upgrade” for the home.

source: offer Dedeman

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