VIDEO The first Avatar will be re-released in cinemas to remind you why you need to watch the second: when you can see it again

The good news is that a new trailer has been released for the theatrical re-release of the first Avatar, from 2009. The film is directed by James Cameron and will be making the transition to this year’s sequel, called: The Way of the Water, and this one is also also under Cameron’s baton.

Avatar remains, even to this day, one of the highest-grossing films of all time.

New trailer for old Avatar officially released on YouTube

The trailer for the re-release of the first Avatar movie has been revealed on the film’s official YouTube channel, featuring the stunning footage you already knew if you saw the production in theaters at the time.

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According to the trailer, this theatrical run of Avatar will feature an updated 4K digital print, transforming the film’s CGI effects into something much clearer than you saw in 2009. Along with the trailer, the Avatar team has also released an original poster promoting the theatrical release of the film.

The Way of the Water
Official poster for the re-release of the first Avatar movie

Of course, critics might argue that the film has lost its relevance in today’s world, with the second part arriving 13 years a little too late, but that’s just one opinion, and ultimately it remains to be seen how successful the sequel will be. Even so, to fully enjoy part two, you need to rewatch part one.

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With the re-release of Avatar in theaters, the publicity team wants to create a new wave of “hysteria” for Avatar: The Way of the Water. Their other publicity strategies included partnering with LEGO to release an Avatar-themed set and releasing the teaser trailer for Avatar: The Way of the Water.

If the relaunch of the first Avatar is successful, the future of The Way of the Water could be extremely promising.

Avatar will hit theaters again on September 23, 2022, for a limited two-week run. The sequel will be seen in December.

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