First images of Galaxy S23 suggest Samsung is unifying the design between ‘standard’ and Ultra

Samsung has made a clear distinction between its “standard” flagship models and the Ultra model, not just through significantly different specs, but also different design philosophy. When you choose a Galaxy S Ultra model, you’re not only getting a better performing phone, but also one that has a unique look and feel to the company’s offering. However, it looks like the Galaxy S23 series will change that, offering a unified design across the entire range of phones.

Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra will feature a unified design

Ice Universe, one of the internet’s most “successful” leakers, has published some images of what appear to be mock-ups of Samsung’s three Galaxy S23 models in prototype covers. Usually, accessory manufacturers get blueprints of the phones in advance so they can make products they can sell on launch day, and these can give a very good idea of the overall shape and design features of the devices.

In the case of the Galaxy S23 series, it looks like we can see a uniform design on the back for all three models. While the S20, S21 and S22 integrated cameras framed in different “island” shapes on the lower models, the S23 series will keep the design from the S22 Ultra and apply it to all variants. Thus, the camera island disappears and individual cameras appear in its place. The Galaxy S23 and S23+ (called Pro here), again use three-camera systems, arranged vertically on the back, while the S23 Ultra will use four cameras and a laser focus system, for a total of five separate modules, just like on the S22 Ultra.

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We can also see that the base models will retain a design with more rounded corners, while the Ultra model will be a bit more “pointed”, retaining some of the design identity of the Note series, which it replaced in Samsung’s offering.

via GSM Arena

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