HUAWEI Watch GT 3: high-performance smartwatch with great autonomy. VIDEO

HUAWEI has managed to stand out in the smartwatch market in recent years, especially with the GT series, which has promised top capabilities and attractive design at competitive prices from the very beginning. This is what the new HUAWEI Watch GT 3 is trying to do, which borrows some elements from last year’s Watch 3 series, for what could be one of the best smartwatch experiences in its price range.

HUAWEI Watch GT3 offers a premium construction

One of the reasons why HUAWEI seems to attract many users to its area of ​​smartwatches is the design, and the Watch GT 3, like the Watch 3 Pro model, takes the form of a “regular” mechanical watch. The 46mm model has a large and very bright screen, based on an OLED panel, while the metal case is very carefully crafted. For the first time on the GT series, there is a metal crown, similar to the one on the Watch 3, which allows you to navigate menus and control certain functions without using the touch screen. However, the other physical button is programmable, and can be set to provide quick access to certain functions. I set the flashlight function here, for example.

The GT3 is cool to the touch, just like a mechanical watch, and the steel from which the case is made offers a feeling of strength. In fact, these watches have many functions for monitoring sports activities, so they should also provide the necessary resistance to not very “friendly” environments.

Huawei Watch GT 3 04

Therefore, the watch is water and dust resistant and can be used for water activities up to 50 meters deep. HUAWEI offers a selection of belts for various types of activities. We had for testing the version with a metal bracelet, which is not exactly suitable for taking the clock to the gym. Fortunately, this can be changed quickly, thanks to a quick-release telescope system. Even the bracelet comes with a similar system for links, you can make it narrower or wider, to fit your hand, in just a few seconds, and without the need for other tools.

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The HarmonyOS 2.1 operating system is optimized for long-lasting battery life

The Lite OS software found on previous HUAWEI watch models has been replaced with the new HamonyOS 2.1, also in a Lite version that is optimized for long-lasting autonomy. For the most part, it provides access to just about every feature I’ve come across on the Watch 3 Pro. That’s because they both have the same sensors, from pulse and blood oxygen saturation to a sensor that can monitor the user’s skin temperature. There are also other sensors that can be used to monitor sports activities, as well as the atmospheric pressure sensor and GPS.

Huawei Watch GT 3 05

But there are some advantages to HarmonyOS in non-Lite, and these are mostly apps from AppGallery. Even if the Lite version allows the installation of new applications from other developers, the offer is quite limited in comparison. Those who want access to the newest and most complex applications will have to use the Watch 3 or Watch 3 Pro models below.

The screen is excellent, providing a resolution that makes it impossible to identify independent pixels in use, while the range is among the best on the market. Offering access to so many sensors, non-stop monitoring of heart rate and oxygen saturation, and sleep monitoring, the watch even delivers the 14 days of autonomy promised by HUAWEI. Of course, you can download the watch even faster, if you use it for GPS-monitored sports activities, but it will be difficult to find a watch in this price area with the same advanced features that offer comparable autonomy. And charging is done both through the magnetic adapter, offered in the package, and by wireless charging, on a Qi pad or, why not, on a phone that offers bilateral wireless charging.

Huawei Watch GT 3 06

The HUAWEI Watch GT3 is compatible with all major mobile platforms on the market

Of course, one reason for the success of the GT series has always been the compatibility with several types of phones. Whether we are talking about models equipped with HarmonyOS or EMUI from HUAWEI, or we are talking about devices with Google or iOS services, you can connect Watch GT3 without any problems and you can have access to the full functionality of the watch. Moreover, if you decide to change the mobile platform, you will not have to give up the HUAWEI Watch GT 3, as it can go with all the others.

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The connection is made through the HUAWEI Health app, which is already installed on HUAWEI mobile devices, or can be installed separately on iOS through the App Store, or on Android by installing the HUAWEI App Gallery store.

Huawei Watch GT 3 07

Also through the HUAWEI Health application, the software updates of the watch are made, as well as certain configurations, such as the installation of new designs for the dial. There is also a dial shop, where hundreds or even thousands of designs are available, but most are available for a fee, only a few models being free. Most likely, however, many users will be satisfied with the included ones. Also, through the Health application you can add music to be stored directly on the watch, for native playback during exercises, without taking your phone with you.

A software update recently added the ability to respond quickly to notifications from messaging services, such as SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, using predefined messages. This ensures that the Watch GT 3 is even closer to the Watch 3 in terms of functionality. In fact, this was one of the biggest drawbacks of the GT 2 generation, as they also integrate many of the capabilities of the new model.

HUAWEI Watch GT3 is a smart watch dedicated especially to those who want long-lasting autonomy, an impressive selection of sports activities that can be monitored, compatibility with all major mobile operating systems and one of the most complete selections of sensors on the market. First of all, it is an “honest” watch, which does not promise more than it can offer, but it does not disappoint either. It even goes a little further than I would have expected, with a premium construction, which I had previously seen only on the “Pro” variants.

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