Diablo Immortal, officially released on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows: what you need to know

Blizzard’s first Diablo game was released on December 31, 1996. Four years later, Diablo II arrived on the very small PC screens of the time. After 12 years, on May 15, Diablo III followed. It took another decade for mobile owners to enjoy a whole new experience in the same fantastic universe.

When it comes to RPGs, few have been as relevant over the years as Diablo. This is one of the most relevant and influential franchises not only in the category of Role-Playing Games, but also in video games in general. Trying to monetize its intellectual property on high-performance smartphones in 2022, Blizzard is launching today, June 2, Diablo Immortal for Windows phones, tablets and PCs. It is not excluded that it will reach Mac or consoles at some point, but no announcement has been made in this regard.

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Diablo Immortal, free and not too much

Like most mobile games released in 2022, Diablo Immortal is free to install and play. Unfortunately, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing. It’s not mandatory, and after a few hours of playing, I think you can enjoy it for many, many hours without paying, but the developers won’t run out of finances too soon.

In any case, Diablo Immortal was scheduled for launch on June 2, but in some online stores and regions around the world, it could be installed at least 24 hours earlier, on Children’s Day. Those who want to play it on PC, should know that, at the moment, on this platform, it is portrayed as being in Open Beta. In other words, a few more finishes are needed, with the focus so far on phones and tablets. If the title is completely foreign to you, you can take a look at the clips below to understand what it is about.

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