The change for all Romanians who want to sell their car: what document becomes mandatory in Romania, does not exist until now

The process of selling a car has never been very easy and efficient in Romania, and the authorities have thought of introducing another document into the equation. This is a RAR Auto-Pass certificate.

If the new project is adopted by the Parliament and promulgated by the head of state, the sale of a road vehicle with a maximum of eight seats, registered, registered or introduced on the Romanian market, will involve a new document. The seller will be required to provide the buyer with a RAR Auto-Pass certificate. It will be valid for 60 days from release and for a single sale or purchase.

How to sell the car in Romania, from now on

A new car-related measure is being introduced in a legislative proposal to be put to a vote in Parliament. It introduces new regulations for the certification of the history of road vehicles used for their registration in Romania. The main purpose of the changes is to prevent the sale of cars with back mileage.

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According to the approved project, RAR will issue for a fee, upon request, to the owners of vehicles intended for the transport of persons who have, in addition to the driver’s seat, a maximum of 8 seats on cars – cars, a certificate called “RAR Auto-Pass”.

The new certificate that you will pay for as a salesperson will include existing information in the register regarding the odometer reading history, the involvement of the road vehicle in an event that caused serious damage to the steering mechanism, the brake system or the resistance structure. body or chassis. The same act will also include a reference, if applicable, to the non-presentation of the road vehicle within a recall campaign for road vehicles that have been registered, registered or placed on the market in Romania.

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According to the draft law, the RAR Auto-Pass certificate is valid for a single registration or registration and not for a period of more than 60 days from the date of its issuance.

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