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Blizzard has revealed that it has plans to reduce the inventory problems many Diablo 4 players face, especially as they get further into the game and start playing more with the endgame systems. In a livestream panel called Campfire Chat, game director Joe Shely revealed plans to help players by changing the way gems work in the game.

“There are many colors of gems, there are many qualities of gems, and this could lead to a lot of space usage in inventory,” Shely said.

One of the biggest causes of a full inventory is that players often pick up different gems of different qualities, which can then be upgraded and placed in their equipment. Gems often take up the most space during a dungeon run.

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Shely explained that Blizzard is considering changing how players initially obtain gems, and changing how gems are stored by taking them out of inventory and moving them to the Materials and Currency tab.

“The idea is to change the way you obtain gems so that they are a shelf in your materials or currency tab, rather than your inventory,” Shely said. “The way that would work is that you make your gem the same way you do now, and you just use a certain amount of that material.”

However, Shely did not give a timetable for when this feature will be implemented in Diablo 4. The studio is still focusing on releasing smaller patches to adjust the balance of the game, especially as the title prepares for the start of the first season. Shely explains that the studio plans to bring this new feature to Diablo 4 in season two, which is still several months away.

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Diablo 4 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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