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This is a big step for Pyramid Games, but an even bigger one for all gamers! Occupy Mars: The Game is rolling out in Early Access today, which is great news for those who can’t wait to explore the surface of the Red Planet. The game takes players on a fascinating journey to the enigmatic planet where countless challenges await.

Occupy Mars: The Game allows players to discover the secrets of survival on the Red Planet. Among other things, space colonists will have to build a survival base, discover new technologies and explore unknown areas of Mars. Many dangers lurk for astronauts, but it is a unique opportunity to achieve what no one has ever done before.

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During the adventure, players must find suitable locations to create a base that can provide essential living conditions. Besides maintaining and operating it, they will build all the necessary tools and vehicles, fight unpredictable atmospheric phenomena, solve malfunctions, cultivate plants and explore the little-known areas of Mars. All in an environment not conducive to the human body.

The Pyramid Games team assures that after the Early Access launch, the game will be continuously developed and enriched with new content based on suggestions from the community.

There are also plans to add a dedicated online cooperative mode in the near future.

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Occupy Mars: The Game will be available in Early Access through Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store starting May 10.

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