Children in U.K. outpace inflation –

In the United Kingdom, children often receive pocket money from their parents when they are young (not me, thanks mom and dad). This can be a weekly figure, or payment for doing chores around the house.

While it’s not much money that most children get, they apparently manage to outpace inflation, according to a new study reported by The Guardian. On average, British youngsters earn about 11% more than last year, more than inflation.

Six-year-olds are getting the biggest pay increase, having seen a whopping 34% pay rise, but for older children, jobs such as babysitting have seen a 24% rise in average earnings. Overall, pocket money routines are becoming much less consistent across the country, with only 57% of children receiving regular allowances. But it seems British youth are working their way to earning an income, as they charge for chores around the house and even to smile in a family photo.

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Children in the UK outpace inflation

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