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To celebrate the Early Access success of their debut title, MINTROCKET is pleased to unveil a new Accolades trailer for Dave the Diver. With more than 11,000 player reviews on Steam ranking the game as 97% “Overwhelmingly positive,” fans can’t get enough of the deep-sea fishing, sushi restaurant tycoon mashup launching in June 2023.

Since its Early Access launch in October 2022, Dave the Diver has received a torrent of praise and captivated its audience with quirky characters, beautiful pixel art and highly addictive gameplay. We’ve already said so much ourselves about the features of Dave the Diver, so let’s turn it around and look at what may have inspired these wonderful quotes!

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“Surprisingly ambitious!”

Dave the Diver has more to offer than meets the eye. This quote only talks about what players have experienced in the EA build, but the launch will have even more in store as Dave dives deeper than you might expect.

“A tantalizing mix I didn’t know I wanted.”
“Intensely addictive and made with a lot of love.”
“Dave the Diver has me hooked!”

Just as many in our incredible community have pointed out to us, these quotes refer to how the gameplay of Dave the Diver is an engaging loop that draws players back for more and more.

“One of the most memorable role-playing experiences in a long, long time.”

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As addictive as the gameplay loop is, we also have some story surprises along the way that will shock you. Dave the Diver is sure to leave an impression.

Set in June 2023, Dave the Diver players will don a wetsuit and flippers as Dave and dive in to explore the mysteries of the Blue Hole while collecting a wide variety of fish to provide fresh ingredients for Mr. Bancho’s sushi restaurant. Explore the Blue Hole during the day, serve sushi at night and, with your winnings, upgrade your equipment to dive deeper and discover what friends, enemies and surprises lie beneath the surface.

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