Carlos III notifies layoffs to a hundred Clarence House workers

King Charles III has notified the dismissal of nearly a hundred workers at Clarence House, his official residence while he was Prince of Wales, at a time when his office and that of Queen consort Camilla are moving to Buckingham Palace following the death of Elizabeth II.

Up to 100 employees of the royal residence, including some who have worked there for decades, were notified Monday that they could lose their jobs just as they were making the royal move to their new residence, British newspaper ‘The Guardian’ has reported.

The warned workers include private secretaries, the communications team, the finance office and domestic staff at Clarence House. They received the notification when the first farewell mass was being celebrated in Edinburgh in the presence of the remains of the late Queen of England.

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The bulk of the staff had assumed that they would be merged into the king’s new household, claiming that they were given no indication of what might happen until a letter reached them from the king’s chief aide, Clive Alderton.

“Everyone is absolutely furious, including the private secretaries and the most experienced team. All the staff have been working late every night since Thursday (the day Elizabeth II died) to come across this. People were visibly shocked by it,” a source close to the workers has detailed to ‘The Guardian’.

Alderton has said he is aware that the news is “disturbing” and has assured that certain staff who provide “direct, close and personal support and advice” to Charles and Camilla would continue in the position.

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In this regard, the king’s adviser has thanked the “long and loyal” service to the workers of Clarence House, and has detailed that the possibility of alternative employment in other royal houses will be given to those who are dismissed.

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