Sant Pau launches a campaign to thank its professionals for their work during the Christmas season

The Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau (Barcelona) has launched a thank you campaign to its professionals, which will be ongoing until January 6.

Under the slogan ‘Christmas is the time to give thanks’, the campaign aims to. make public the thanksgivings that the citizenship, the institutions y relevant people in Catalonia have sent to the healthcare center through different platforms, such as the telephone number 676 152 912 (to send a whatsapp), e-mail, two Twitter hashtags (#VullAgrair and #OrgullSantPau). and a videomatón (now retired) that was installed in the lobby of the Art Nouveau site.

To date, the following have been received. more than 200 videos from users of the Hospital de Sant Pau, professionals of the same center and personalities of the Catalan civil society.

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With this campaign, Sant Pau is also offering the possibility to the citizenship to thank the work, often anonymous, of the hospital professionals who work with effort, dedication and professionalism. In this YouTube video you can see a set of the most outstanding messages received so far from patients, institutions and public people thanking the work of the professionals.

The Harvard University, at U.S., says in a recent Harvard Medical School study on the holiday of Thanksgiving, that gratitude is a way for people to appreciate what they have rather than looking for new things in the hope that it will make them happy or thinking that they can’t feel satisfied until all physical and material needs have been met.

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This study asserts that gratitude helps people to focus on what they have instead of focusing on what they lack, and ends by asserting that the gratitude state of mind, which may seem artificial at first, is strengthened by the practice of giving thanks.

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