More than 2,500 civilians evacuated in eastern and southern Armenia amid latest clashes with Azerbaijan

The Armenian Ombudsman reported Wednesday that more than 2,500 civilians have already been evacuated in the east and south of the country in the face of the latest clashes with Azerbaijan on the border, which have resulted in nearly a hundred military dead.

“At least 2,570 people have been evacuated from their homes in the areas of Sotk, Norabak, Kut, Azat, Airk, Tretuk, Tutakavan and Gegharkunik in the east, as well as in Chakaten, Shikahogh, Srashen, Ajitu and Akner, among others,” he said in a report in which he qualified that most evacuees are women, children and the elderly.

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The text accuses the Azeri government and media of engaging in acts of “Armenophobia,” something it has called “dangerous given the country’s past experience and the high danger of war crimes being carried out by the Azerbaijani Army.”

Also, the speaker of the Armenian Parliament, Alen Simonyan, has said that four civilians have been wounded as a result of shelling by Azeri forces, according to information from the Armenpress news agency.

“Azeri Armed Forces are carrying out attacks (…) with drones and mortars. There are injuries on the Armenian side, including among the civilian population. There have also been serious losses of military equipment,” Simonyan has asserted.

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Armenian authorities have also reported that several ambulances have been attacked.

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