Ukraine denounces Russia’s blocking of cell phone Internet service in Lugansk

Ukrainian authorities have denounced this Wednesday that Russian forces have blocked cell phone Internet services in the Lugansk region, located in the east of the country, without Moscow having pronounced itself for now on these accusations.

“To ‘increase defense capabilities,’ the Russians have turned off the Internet on cell phones in the Lugansk region. They continue to take looted goods to Russia,” the head of the Lugansk Regional Administration, Serhiy Haidai, has said in a message on his Telegram account.

“The occupation authorities in the Lugansk region keep saying that nothing threatening is taking place in the region, or in what they call ‘republic’. Just in case, the Internet on cell phones has been turned off,” he has ironized.

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Thus, Haidai has highlighted that “the local operator explains that it is an order from the occupation authorities to ensure defense and security capabilities.” “Previously they did not focus on these issues,” he said, a day after assuring that Russian forces had withdrawn from the city of Kremina.

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