Brawl Stars Championship returns this 2024

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer mobile shooter and battle arena video game in which teams of three players compete against each other in different game modes. The title has proven to be very popular worldwide, and Brawl Stars has also developed a modest esports scene among its fans.

This year sees the return of the Brawl Stars Championshipthe video game’s flagship competitive series, with events in various regions including: North America, South America, China, APAC and EMEA. The regions will remain the same, and the top teams from each region will have the opportunity to participate in the Brawl Stars World Finals at the end of the year.

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The developers have announced that the season will start at the beginning of March 2024, with a total of. 12 seats for the event. Eight equipment will qualify for the World Finals through the Brawl Stars Championship, y four will have a chance through the Last Chance Qualifier, the last chance qualifiers. There have also been some regional changes, as several regions such as East Asia, SEA and India have merged into APAC.

The season prize money to be distributed has more than doubled this year, with a total of $2M available to teams. Last year’s prize pool was $750,000. This is because SUPERCELL has launched themed items, the sale of which will help increase the championship prize.

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On the other hand, the publisher has also indicated that it will provide additional support to external organizers and that there are likely to be new features for players this 2024. No further information is available at this time.

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