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In a special program livestream, miHoYo has finally revealed the release date for Honkai: Star Rail’s massive version 2.0 update, “If One Dreams at Midnight.” It goes live on Feb. 6 and adds a new realm – Penacony – with new Trailblaze Missions. Check out the first trailer below, complete with a catchy theme song and appearances by several new characters.

The Trailblaze Missions will run from version 2.0 to 2.2, with epilogues in version 2.3. It sees the Astral Express Crew trek to Penacony as guests of The Family for the Charmony Family. Although it began as an IPC prison, it has since become a popular vacation destination.

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At the Hotel Reverie, players can use the Dream Pool and visit Dreamscapes, including The Golden Hour, the most popular. It is a region where the fun never ends, and players can use the Dream’s Eye to connect paths using optical illusions. They will even gain the Dreamwalk skill to walk on walls.

Version 2.0 adds three new characters, starting with Black Swan. The five-star Nihility character is a Memokeeper of the Garden of Recollection, adept at stacking damage-over-time effects on enemies. Sparkle is a member of the Masked Fools and a five-star Harmony character who can increase allies’ critical damage and restore Skill Points.

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Finally, there is Misha, a 4-star Destruction character who works at the Reverie and whose Ultimate damage scales with the number of Skill Points used by the team. Stay tuned for more details when version 2.0 arrives on PS5, iOS, Android and PC in the coming weeks.

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