our sister site Crypto Bureau is born

In 2017 Esports Bureau took its first stepss. 6 years have already passed and we never imagined not only that we would still be here, but that we would more than 6,300 news items laterwe would be a reference media in the esports business. Needless to say, at that time, creating a sister media for another industry was not even in our minds.

But 6 years is a long time. Esports Bureau has always been clear that blockchain technology was going to be an ally for the gaming & esports sector and since its inception it has been covering news about it. We started covering those mythical initial ICOsthrough the Fan Tokens, agreements of esports entities with Exchanges (of unfortunate memory) and even having an section of its own in the middle given the importance of the intersection of these two sectors today.

But, blockchain goes beyond esports, even beyond gaming.. It is a reality that will redefine the concept of entertainment as such. And for that a medium like Esports Bureau was not enough. So about 9 months ago we started to think about what to do. We could not remain oblivious to this reality and stop reporting everything that is happening with this technology in the world of entertainment. Thus was born Crypto Bureau, CRB.

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After a lot of work, a lot of comings and goings and as always, some headaches, today is officially born our sister media dedicated to the exciting world of blockchain in the entertainment industry. And it’s not exactly born empty, as we’ve been busy creating content so that people can understand from day one what they can find in this medium and what’s happening today.

We will talk about and cover news related to NFTs, Metaverses and Blockchain in entertainment industries such as film, music, television, sports and of course, esports and especially GameFi.. There will also be a Academy section which will increasingly try to help people make the transition to Web3 as easily as possible. And although we don’t have a podcast at the moment, the intention is to replicate the model that has given us so much success in Esports Bureau in Crypto Bureau, starting with one podcast per month.

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Although we have been providing content to Crypto Bureau for weeks, we are still in the testing phaseso we apologize in advance if you see any bugs, which we will try to solve as soon as possible and keep improving day by day.

In addition, CRB joins not only ESB, but also Esports Professional, ESP, our specialized online training centeror where we have already entered web3 training for gaming & esports.We are ahead of a reality that is already upon us. These three brands hang on the umbrella of Fluzo Studios, parent company.

We thank you in advance thanks in advance for the welcome which we know will be exceptional because you have always treated us tremendously well and we hope to meet your expectations and fulfill our essence: not only to inform, but to help shape an industry and a technology that gives us more and more possibilities and excites us to unsuspected limits..

We are also waiting for you at Crypto Bureau!

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