Bill Skarsgård will be the new Eric Draven in The Crow: what we know so far about this reboot

As far as we know, Twigs will star in the reboot of the famous film, “The Crow”, while the role made famous by the late Brandon Lee will be taken over by Bill Skarsgård, known to the public for his portrayal of the scary clown Pennywise, in his novel adaptation Stephen King, IT.

Rupert Sanders, a director of commercials and short films, will have an important project in hand, after previously dealing with “Snow White and the Hunter”, but also the American remake, from 2017, of the film “Ghost in the Shell ”.

Bill Skarsgård has a difficult but not impossible mission: to become “The Crow”

As mentioned earlier, Bill Skarsgård will try to honor the character who immortalized Brandon Lee’s career on the big screen. “The Crow” is an almost invincible being who seeks revenge for the death of his fiancée.

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Played by Twigs in the new movie “The Crow”, Draven’s girlfriend / fiancée will be a reimagined character, the actress taking on significantly more screenplay than the version played by Sofia Shinas in 1994.

Many have suggested in the past that Evangeline Lilly might portray the character, although there has been no official information to that effect. Interestingly, official sources do not mention Shelly Webster, which means that Twigs could play a completely different character, leaving Shinas’ legacy intact.

No matter what form the reboot “The Crow” takes, it is easy to understand that it will be a success, with Skarsgård confirmed as Draven. Obviously, it will be extremely interesting to see how the challenge actor will cope, since, no matter how talented he is (and is), “The Crow” has become, over time, synonymous with the name of Brandon Lee, the one who was accidentally shot right on the set of this movie. A heavy legacy, put on the shoulders of the famous Swedish actor.

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At this time, there is no official release date for the new “The Crow”.

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