Beware, all drivers need to know: this is what happens to you, if you have an accident in the parking lot and run away from the crime scene

Some of the most common unpleasant car events are accidents in the parking lot. Moreover, the drivers who are guilty of these often choose to leave the crime scene and thus evade any liability to the law. You should know that such a violation can cost you dearly and you should not have high hopes that you will not be identified by law enforcement.

Often, Romanians who damage other cars in the parking lot, for various reasons, tend to leave the crime scene, thinking that no one has seen them and that they will not be able to be found and brought before the law enforcement agencies.

It is a very wrong idea, if we take into account the fact that almost no street or parking lot is protected from the objectives of video surveillance cameras. Moreover, solidarity has increased among drivers, and they have begun to be more vigilant and active on social networks, where they have created numerous groups strictly for such issues. Therefore, running away from the crime scene is not a good idea.

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What do you do if you act like that?

However, if your instinct to preserve is stronger than the voice of reason, you must know that you will answer to the law.

“The author has 24 hours to report the accident to the police, assuming that the victim could not be found in the area to resolve the issue through an amicable settlement. If the deadline is exceeded, and the notification of the victim led to the identification of the perpetrator, he is called to the police to hand over the driving license, being fined 590 lei.

Little do I know that they can be compensated even if the perpetrator is not identified. For such cases there is a special fund of the Office of the Romanian Insurers Association, and the details and steps to follow are on ”, explains

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