Today, CDE Entertainment and developer Navigator Games, under license from Paramount Consumer Products, announced a series of massive new updates to celebrate the beta anniversary of their free-to-play mobile RPG, Avatar Generations:

  • TEAM AZULA: The long-awaited arrival of Azula, the fierce Fire Nation Princess, and her talented companions, Ty Lee and Mai, in an all-new Event Quest about their conquest of Omashu.
    GUILDS: this new feature allows players to connect socially and earn exclusive rewards by going on adventures together.
  • ZUKO ALONE: Fire Nation fugitives Ronin Zuko and Traveler Iroh joined the fray in early August alongside an Event Quest based on the episode “Zuko Alone.”
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Avatar Generations, based on Nickelodeon’s beloved animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, is a free-to-play mobile RPG on Apple iOS and Android devices that celebrates its anniversary with all this favorite content.

Event Quests, the game’s largest expansion since April’s Rise of Kyoshi, give players new story campaigns and combat challenges, in which players can earn exclusive and powerful rewards.

Guilds allow players to collaborate, chat, access exclusive game modes and unique prizes, build custom profile banners, climb global Guild leaderboards and rise through internal Guild ranks. Guilds let players compete against other guilds for high scores, with the strongest guilds earning the biggest raid rewards.

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