Amazon tests humanoid robots in its warehouses -.

Amazon is showing the latest signs of its automation as it tests new humanoid robots in its U.S. warehouses.

These robots will reportedly free up workers to better deliver for customers, but we all know this is heading toward robots eventually performing tasks that could have been done by a person. A union spokesman told the BBC that “Amazon’s automation [een] frontal race is toward job loss. We’ve already seen hundreds of jobs lost in fulfillment centers.”

On the other hand, Amazon maintains that it can actually create jobs with these new robots, claiming that it has created hundreds of thousands of new jobs. “This includes 700 categories of new job types, in skilled roles, that did not previously exist within the company.” according to the tech giant.

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The robots themselves are quite interesting. They walk on legs, rather than using wheels, and have arms to pick up and carry packages. Right now, the robot is just an experiment to see if it can work with human colleagues. Clearly Amazon wants to use more automation in the future, as we reported yesterday that they are bringing back automated delivery drones.

What do you think? Should more robots be used in our daily lives?

Amazon tests humanoid robots in its warehouses

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