A delivery driver getting angry over a $5 tip has sparked a huge debate about tips -.

Thanks to our universal laziness, almost everywhere now has huge brands that make large sums of money from delivering food directly to our door. In America, DoorDash is one such brand, and one of its drivers recently got into a bit of trouble after scolding a customer after a $5 tip.

A doorbell clip is doing the rounds on social media, where the delivery driver arrives and says: “I just want to say, this is a nice house for a $5 tip.” The owner of the house then responds with an uncomfortable “you are welcome”, before the driver then “fuck you” says and leaves the scene.

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$5 may sound a bit small for a tip, especially in America, where tip culture is so important for servers earning a living wage. However, it was revealed that the pizza cost $20, making the tip 25% of the total cost. This led to much backlash directed at the driver.

Some have sided with the driver, while others believe it was an unfair response to an honest tip. The real villain here seems to be a culture in which employees feel the need to harass customers for extra tips instead of getting a fair amount in the first place, but hey, that’s just crazy talk.

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A delivery driver getting angry about a $5 tip has sparked a huge debate about tips

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