Alterium Shift now in Early Access – That’s Gaming

Gravity Game Arise announces early access release of the highly rated retro JRPG “Alterium Shift,” developed by Drattzy Games and published under the Gravity Indie Games label!

The early access version of the game picks up where the demo left off in the shifted land of the dark elves and continues from there. A truly expansive journey where players discover new towns, dungeons and mysteries to solve. Take on environmental challenges to solve in the desert and big bad bosses to fight after solving some tricky puzzles.

Switch back and forth between worlds as you meet new friends and reunite with others. Each character brings you a unique experience, with unique interactions and results for the story. Note special things in the game that may benefit you if you play a game with more than one character.

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Official quote from Drattzy co-founder Mottzy:

“Alterium Shift is the result of our unwavering passion, reflected in the intricately crafted world, engaging storyline and immersive gameplay. I’m excited to invite you all into this world we’ve built and I’m eager to work with our community to continue enriching this extraordinary journey!”

Official quote from Drattzy co-founder DrassRay:

As Art Director of Alterium Shift, I eagerly await your feedback on our carefully crafted retro-inspired JRPG. Let’s work together via Early Access and together transform Alterium Shift into an even more extraordinary experience.”

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