AGON by AOC introduces the AG405UXC; a 40-inch ultrawide monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate – That’s Gaming

AGON by AOC, the leading brand for gaming monitors and IT accessories, today proudly introduced the AGON AG405UXCannounced. Part of the esteemed AGON series, this ultrawide (21:9) gaming monitor is a powerhouse in terms of performance. For example, the monitor features a 40-inch (100 cm) IPS panel with a resolution of 3440 x 1440 and a refresh rate of 144Hz. With this, the AG405UXC is ready to set a new standard in the ultrawide gaming market.

Broadening the gaming landscape.The AG405UXC’s flat 40-inch ultrawide IPS panel allows users to become fully immersed in the gaming world. The monitor offers a sharp and detailed image thanks to its 3440 x 1440 resolution. In addition, the 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms MPRT response time ensures smooth and fluid images.

Furthermore, the monitor is perfect for streamers and content creators. For example, the extra horizontal space can be used to display chat windows or streaming software. It is even possible to display full audio and video tracks during video editing.

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Superior performance of ultra-wide formatThe AG405UXC is designed for gamers where superior visual quality and outstanding performance on a large screen size are of great importance. The monitor’s imposing dimensions and ultra-wide 21:9 format thus provide a distinct advantage for gamers. Especially for gamers engaged in simulation, RTS and role-playing games. Often, these types of games feature complex interfaces, extensive environments and multiple menus, which take up less screen space thanks to the extra screen area. The ultra-wide format also improves the gaming experience in racing and flight simulation games. This is because the AG405UXC offers a wider field of view, better mimicking the natural human field of vision. Players see more of the game world this way, giving them a tactical advantage. With its combination of size and powerful features, the AG405UXC is designed to take the player experience to the next level in a wide range of games.

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The AG405UXC also supports AOC’s intuitive G-Menu software. This allows one to easily adjust settings, including color, overdrive and more gaming-related features such as Shadow Control, Low Blue Mode, Dial Point and Frame Counter. Furthermore, the monitor features low input lag and Adaptive-Sync support to ensure fast and smooth gaming experience without hiccups and interruptions.

Moreover, the monitor comes with a versatile ergonomic stand that is height adjustable (150 mm) and features a wide tilt and swivel range. All this ensures optimal comfort during long gaming sessions. Finally, the AG405UXC boasts a number of additional features such as a USB-C port with 90W of power, a USB hub that easily connects peripherals, and built-in speakers for a rich audio experience.

Price and availability
The AG405UXC will be available later this month at a suggested retail price of € 649,00.

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