A new film from the James Bond director: why Empire of Light is Oscar-worthy

Fox Searchlight unveils the official trailer for a new film from James Bond director Sam Mendes: Empire of Light, starring Olivia Colman.

The official trailer for Sam Mendes’ upcoming Empire of Light has been released. While the film premiered at the Telluride Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival this fall, and the first trailer was released two months ago, little of the film has been shown to the general public so far.

Empire of Light could be nominated for an Oscar

Mendes made a name for himself when he won the Best Director Oscar for 1999’s American Beauty and showed he has a wide range, directing two of Daniel Craig’s James Bond films. His last film, 1917, had ten Oscar nominations and won Best Achievement in Sound Mixing, Visual Effects and Cinematography.

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Fox Searchlight has released the trailer for Mendes’ latest Oscar nominee, Empire of Light. Already the film is being praised for its direction, performances and cinematography. All of these elements are showcased in the latest Empire of Light trailer, which shows the film’s exploration of the relationship between Oscar winner Olivia Colman and Micheal Ward. Watch the trailer below.

Director and screenwriter Mendes faces challenges and high expectations for this film, as his last film, 1917, was one of the most acclaimed films of 2019. While not as expansive as 1917, the official trailer for Empire of Light promises an intimate foray into themes of love and racial strife, themes not uncommon in Best Picture nominations.

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After Mendes’ careful handling of the war in 1917, he may be planning to weave powerful themes into Empire of Light. It would be nominated for an Oscar. This would give the film an advantage over the 1917 achievement, as that film did not get any acting nominations. Colman in particular is an Oscar favorite.

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