Good news for Android phone makers: they’ll be able to tweet from their iPhone without anyone knowing

Elon Musk apparently wants to further “embolden” partners and companies that want to display ads on the Twitter platform by removing a feature that has given them trouble in the past. Many brands have been embarrassed in the past by Twitter flagging the device from which the message is posted, and Samsung, Huawei or even Google have been “caught” with iPhones while promoting Android devices. Musk promises to remove this indicator.

Platform indicator used on Twitter, on Musk’s blacklist

According to Musk, the section in each post that indicates the platform used to publish a tweet, where you can see Twitter for Android, Twitter for iOS or Twitter for Web, is wasting interface space and will have to be removed. It doesn’t understand the need for this component and plans to remove the feature in the near future. It’s unclear how close that future is, however, as it has other issues to work out in the meantime.

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Over the past few years, many promotional campaigns for Android phones seemed to come from iPhones. Actress Gal Gadot published a promotion for Huawei phones from iPhones, while Samsung published promotional campaigns for Galaxy phones also from iPhones. Most recently, the Google team was “caught” with iPhones on Twitter while promoting the Pixel 7 series of phones.

Several platforms used to highlight the platform used to make the content in the past, but most have dropped that section. Removing it from Twitter thus seems to be the next logical step, and will likely be one less reason for brands’ social media teams to stress about not having to be so careful about the devices used to upload content to Twitter.

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